If you’ve ever had a client who was concerned about the smell of hair colour, and are looking for a way to customize their experience, you will want to check this out.

Revlon Professional recently launched Color Sublime, a new ammonia-free permanent colour line that includes a choice of three scents: Sunset Mood, Sweet Gourmet and Zen Moment to transform the traditional in-salon colour service and give your clients a customizable experience.

To kick-off the launch, the brand partnered three leading stylists in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver with social media influencers to demonstrate how Color Sublime works. First up was Marlo Steenman, a Revlon Professional guest artist and NAHA winner, who collaborated with Arianna Hicks, an up-and-coming music artist, on her brand-new look.

“Arianna has a medium to fine texture, and she came in with her very curly hair, and her ends were compromised,” recalls Steenman. “I chose Color Sublime for her for a few reasons. It’s an oil-delivery system, which is very soothing for her hair. It has the benefits we need to heal her hair. And it’s an ammonia-free colour, which suits her well because she’s a natural beauty, and you want to keep that natural look. You don’t want to over-alter her colour.”

“Because my hair is so short and curly, I’ve fussed with it more than I should—extensions, straightening, hair products,” adds Hicks. “So, coming into the salon, I was a little nervous.”

From her client’s overprocessed hair to feelings of apprehension (or in this case, both), Steenman helped Hicks feel at ease, beginning with the consultation. “When Arianna came in, I could tell she had about five inches of natural regrowth and a leftover ombré from when she had her extensions,” says Steenman. “I told her once we did her colour that her hair was going to feel so much better.”

While a client’s involvement in a colour service usually ends after the consultation, Hicks was able to work with Steenman by choosing a scent—Sunset Mood—that appealed to her own style. “When I smelled it, the first thing I said was ‘peach.” It smelled so good. It was almost like spring and sun, and it just spoke to me the most,” says Hicks. “When I smelled it, I was really excited to use it. And the scent actually stayed the whole time we were colouring my hair.”

By giving Hicks a choice in the colour service, and Steenman explaining how Color Sublime worked, helped address her client’s concerns, while also helped her understand the importance of taking proper care of her hair. “It looks a lot better and feels better. You can feel the difference,” says Hicks. “It feels like it’s back to itself.”

Stay tuned for part two of this series to discover the next Color Sublime scent: Sweet Gourmet.


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