With festival season beginning next month, clients will be sure to start gathering ideas and turning to their stylists for creative ways to style their hair this summer. 

This look, created by Kristen Colon and Mickey Colon of the Hotheads Artistic and Education Team features a combination of colour, braids and accessories.

Here's how to get the look using Hotheads Colormelts: 

Festival Hair Formula:

Alternate colour placement with extension application. Sandwich two wefts over the client’s first hair to create one extension. For this festival look, an extension was created using one colour on the bottom and another colour on the top. A different colour combination was used in each row. To give a really well blended and dimensional look, both Natural Colormelts were used as well as Metallic Colormelts and Silver Color 70.

Row 1: Beginning with a width of two fingers above the nape of the neck, place Color 3/BL CM on the bottom with Color 70 on top to create one extension.

Row 2: Pair Color 70 on bottom with Color 3/BL CM on top.

Row 3: Color 23/LA CM on bottom and Color 5/8 CM on top. 

Row 4: Color 3/BL CM on the bottom with Color 70 on top. 

Row 5: Color 70 on bottom with color 3/BL CM on top.

Row 6: Color 23/LA CM on bottom and Color 5/8 CM on top. 

Row 7: Color 3/BL CM was used on both top and bottom. 

Row 8: Color 3/BL CM on bottom and 70 on top.

Row 9: Color 23/LA CM on bottom and 5/8 CM on top.


Festival Hair How-To:

1. Curl entire head to create beach waves.

2. Part the hair down the middle, taking a section from the top of the head to the back of the ear. Create a dutch braid down to the jaw bone and ponytail. Tug the loops of the braid outwards to widen and shape plaits to create the desired look.

3. Create an infinity braid below each ponytail.

4. Split hair and create 2 loose fishtail braids in the back crown. Pull left fishtail braid across the back of head and secure behind right ear. Leave right fishtail down.

5. Accessorize with feathers and hair jewelry.


For more information, visit: www.hotheads.com


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