Out with the old and in the new! We’re breaking down the top mani “cures” to elevate your nail services to the next level.

Skip the Soak

As most nails techs now know, soaking hands in water before a manicure is an archaic method that can do more harm than good, since it temporarily alters the size and shape of the nail bed.

Cure: CND CoolBlue water-free cleanser and CND CuticleAway cuticle remover

“CoolBlue is a gentle hand sanitizer, so I recommend incorporating it into all of your services so both the nail tech and client get the sanitiation benefits,” says Jennifer Mather, business development manager for CND Canada. “CuticleAway is also great because it helps release all of the dead skin around the cuticle area.”

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Strengthen the Weak

No matter how hard some clients try, there are always those that end up dealing with thinning or peeling nails.

Cure: Bio Sculpture Oxygain Base

“It helps replenish the level of oxygen in the nails, while Camellia oil helps fortify and strengthen them,” says Erica Nieuwenhuis, CEO for Bio Sculpture Canada. “Nail treatment products applied to the natural nail are very effective at combatting common conditions such as thin, peeling, flaking, soft or chipping nails."

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Put an End to Damage

Despite innovations in nail product development, there are clients who still believe soak-off gel polishes can cause damage. While proper removal is a major factor, protection begins at the nail base.

Cure: Bio Sculpture Protein Base

“Invest in a base coat that provides added benefits to the natural nail,” says Nieuwenhuis. “Protein Base acts as a base coat, but is loaded with arginine, lecithin, hydrolyzed keratin, tea tree oil and vitamin E for easy absorption, and works to create healthy, smooth, shiny nails.”

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No More Lift Off

Whether it’s a gel polish or enhancements, peeling and lifting can be a major concern for clients—especially when they are spending extra money on nail art.

Cure: CND Scrubfresh

“It’s an amazing cleanser that purifies the nail plate by removing all of the daily contaminants. It also temporarily dehydrates the nail so you get the best possible adhesion,” says Mather.


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Longer-Lasting Manicures

We hear it time and time again: “Why doesn’t my manicure last?” And for clients with dry skin or for those who work with their hands, manicures may not last as long as they do for other clients.

Cure: CND Solar Oil

“Solar Oil really helps prolong everything from manicures to Shellac to enhancements,” says Mather. “The cumulative effect it has is so important because it increases the flexibility of the nail and helps with chips, snags and peeling. As that nail stays moisturized, all of the products will adhere much better.”

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